Thanks, Tom, Meg, Harry, and Sandra, for the love…

Tom Hanks.  Meg Ryan.  “You’ve Got Mail.”  Sandra Bullock.  Harry Connick Jr.  “Hope Floats.”  Both love stories.  Adam’s daughter from Parenthood is Sandra’s daughter from the “Hope Floats.”  Both 1998 releases.  These were the first two movies I saw after facing death in Duluth.  I was still in therapy, but I was home.  I was still weak, but I was rebuilding.  I was dependent on my family, but the only opponent I faced was myself.  I couldn’t drive.  I could barely hold a conversation.  

Today we watched part of “You’ve Got Mail.”  Every time I see a movie or experience something that I watched or experienced back in 1998 I feel different.  I feel empowered.  I feel my purpose.  I remember 1998, not everything but some things, and I am reminded where this journey began, when 23 emerged.  It is not a journey I’d like to repeat.  Sure, I’d definitely welcome the lessons, and I’d accept the strength that accompanied the struggle.  But I wouldn’t want anyone I loved to experience the pain they felt, the pain that I caused.

One thing I remember when Mom and I (I spent a lot of time with my Mom in 1998-9) went to Eden Prairie Center was my poor balance.  Even though I was able to walk, I was very unsteady and my balance was gone, and I had to hold on to the top of the seats as we entered the aisle in the theater.  But it was Tom, Meg, Sandra, and Harry, who not only gave me a lesson in love, they gave me a courageous “high five” to not only move forward but to always follow my heart. 

23: I Love You, Too is about love.  Thanks for believing…          



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