Real Life, Real People, Reeeaaale With Cheese…

It is actually a “Royale With Cheese” from the movie, Pulp Fiction! I was thinking about California today, actually I was thinking about Hollywood, which gave me the idea to add the line from John Travolta. During Obama’s State of the Union speech last night, they mentioned the Patriarch from Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson, being in attendance amongst a few other stars from television. I have to be honest, I have never actually seen the show, but I know it is popular. I have read or seen the news about Willie’s recent removal and return from the show and about his strong Christian Faith. So I began thinking.

Yes, some of his remarks or comments upset quite a few people. And they were just as bad as those from Chick-fil-A’s founder, Mr. S. Truett Cathy. I don’t agree with anything they said, it was insensitive. It wasn’t my belief, or my faith. But I think that is the greatest thing about life, we are all given the freedom to believe what we want to believe and follow whichever faith we choose. Christian. Islam. Buddhism. You name it. That is their right.

There is so much controversy consuming our world regarding religion, politics, education, whatever, I can only imagine how great of a place it would be if everyone would simply focus on the one thing that unites us all: love. I was also thinking about “The Beebs” and how it appears he has been causing a lot of trouble. Justin Bieber is 19, right? He’s immature. He a little wild. It’s never right to assault anyone, but regardless of the fact that younger kids look up to him, he is pretty much just a child himself. Cut him a little slack! He’ll eventually shape up (I hope!). We were all immature once, we all have made mistakes in the past, we have all moved forward.

So whether it’s making duck calls, eating delicious chicken sandwiches, or acting like a fool, we all have the opportunity to make the world a better place. Instead of hating anyone, try loving everyone. Instead of arguing, try listening. Instead of condemning, try accepting! I recently heard someone say that our time on this earth is limited, why waste your time doing things that a) you don’t enjoy, and b) living someone else’s life. Just live for the greater good! Thanks for Believing!



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