Fears and Thankfulness…

My Dad told a while back, “Never let fear make your decision!”  This is one of many of things he has said to me, but it makes me consider the things in my life that wouldn’t have become had I, in fact, given in to my fears and insecurities.  First, I would not have decided to find a job in a hospital and be employed where I am.  I’ve reflected pretty seriously on this decision for so many reasons, but I think there is really only three that matter.  1.  M wife.  2.  My son.  3.  My restored life. 

One & Two are kind of a pair because you can’t have one without the other, but it is true.  Had September 27th, 1998, never happened, I would be on completely different path.  Not necessarily the wrong path, but I can’t even imagine the path I’d be on.  I would NOT be working at the hospital, I would NOT have met my wife, and I would NOT have my son.  I can almost be 100% certain of this.  After talking about this experience with a friend at work, she wondered about the impending effect alcohol may or may not have had on my life, because, I was unfortunately under the influence when I was hurt.  I have to be honest about this because I might have very well been on the verge of becoming an alcoholic.   

So when I look back, I can’t help but wonder if I’d be willing to exchange the painful weeks in Duluth, the painful months in Minneapolis, and the painful thoughts of what might have been, for an unscathed life without “the story.”  I guess you could relate “the story” to such things as my purpose, my passion, or my mission.  Publishing 23: I Love You, Too with the help of Wise Ink Creative Publishing’s Amy Quale and Dara Beevas, the perfect editing help from Jennifer Manion, and the exceptional design from Jay Monroe, would not have been possible.  Thank you all so, so much!!! 

Much of what I have written here can be experienced in the ebook, however, you can never go wrong when you express your gratitude to those who have helped you make things right!  My life truly had been restored, however, it was at the expense of the pain of my family and friends.  But that is an entirely new blog in itself. 

Until next time… 23 forever!                


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